Sunday, January 29, 2006

Inspiring Houses: The IT House

I love smart, small houses. Many of my favorite design books focus on small homes that live big.

The IT House is a prefab home designed by Taalman Koch Architecture out of Glendale, California with almost all glass perimeter walls.

I like it a lot as a concept.

The choice of materials and features is really cool, including Bosch aluminum framing, radiant heat flooring and a Bulthaup kitchen island:

At about 1000 square feet, the
floorplan is tight but efficient and includes a private wing and a public wing. (Or should I say wingette?)

I also like that this tight floorplan manages to create a couple of small courtyard type spaces, which would lend an abstract sense of enclosure to such a transparent environment.

But one of the coolest components of the house is that the owner can select any number of transparent or opaque graphic designs that adhere to inside of the perimeter glass walls. The panels, designed by nondesigns and called outfits on the site, can lend a greater sense of privacy...

a strong graphic punch...

or a subtle organic touch.

Or you could throw caution to the wind and go completely transparent, which is probably what I would end up choosing if the neighbors were far enough away...or really attractive and also lived in a glass house.

The designers have left no surface or feature unconsidered, including options like the groovy fireorb:

and suggested furnishings, including this sleek shelving unit:

The IT House is offered as a total environment.

I could see it in a rural setting or placed between strategic walls or fences to provide a little privacy.

The house is suitable for temperate climates only. But if you live in the right area, a starting price of about $175,000 provides a thoughtfully designed home with beautiful finishes and fixtures.


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