Saturday, January 07, 2006

Random Posts: You're my Obsession.

True Story.

When I was in 4th grade, I somehow became obsessed with houses. I decided to become an architect, and that the way to get started was simply that: get started. So I proceeded to design dream homes for all of my friends. I'd interview them and ask them what they wanted in their houses, and I'd report back the next day with a floorplan and simple elevations. They'd give me feedback and I'd refine the design to suit them better, and eventually turn over a final set of floor plans. All this in 4th grade.

I wish I still had all those drawings.

I can only really remember details of one. My friend Michael wanted a house made of round rooms, so his dream home design was quite complex and made up of a series of large round glass rooms, connected by glass crosswalks, creating a series of open courtyards. The non-glass walls were to be stucco and the roofs were to be palapa roofs (though I'm sure I didn't know the word palapa at the time). Let's assume Michael had plans to relocate to Acapulco.

Not long after, my mother took notice and ordered me a subscription to Architectural Digest. I am sure that I was the only pre-adolescent boy in a small Texas town who was developing an impressive collection of AD back issues.

I've had a subscription to AD, on and off, since then. And I still have many of those 70's and 80's back issues at my folks' house. Fun reading.

Needless to say, this obsession isn't remotely new. My taste has only become more refined over the years. I definitely know what I want.

I never became an architect because I couldn't handle the math. So, I'll hire one instead.

And I know that I'll be either one of the best clients ever...or one of the


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