Saturday, January 07, 2006

Random Posts: Can we place an order?

As a youngster, I quickly learned to love the work of people like Hugh Newell Jacobsen, who found himself in print with every hiccup. I still like his work a great deal.

I'm a self-confessed design magazine junkie (more about that later), and that alone has kept me up with what's what in ArchitectureLand.

But the first firm that excited me as a grown-up was Lake-Flato. Their early work was so clearly tied to the land and inventively focused on the vernacular, while still being modern. I was mesmerized. Their early work was so sensible.

(We'd hire Lake-Flato for this project, but we want someone based in our city, who will have an almost daily presence at the building site...and they don't take many projects in the range of our budget.)

The fascination with them led me to people like
Mell Lawrence :

...and Cottam Hargrave:

I do think there are a lot of great firms in the Austin area. Its almost overwhelming, which in the end is a dang good thang.

Now add in the fact that P (the much better half) and I are relocating to Austin for work.

The math is really easy.

We'll have one modern home, built with a nod to the vernacular and a courtyard feel, please.

And some cheese tater tots.


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