Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cool Art: Norman Kary

Norman Kary is a Dallas artist who does assemblage and collage.

He creates fairly edgy work, yet he is one of the happiest most unassuming people you'll ever meet. His work is evocative and thought-provoking, yet he hardly takes himself seriously.

Mr. Kary is an explorer, a philosopher and a fantasy fiction writer....all through his art. His work certainly reminds me of Rauschenberg. Both rough and elegant.

He recently had a
show in Dallas, and I made the mistake of stopping by on a whim with my wallet in my back pocket. I now own this piece, which is my second:

Next time you are in Dallas, swing by the gallery and check out his stuff.


Blogger stjaustin said...

I really love your art...thanks...its makes me smile.

Sonia, Austin

5:00 PM  

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