Saturday, June 03, 2006

Project Update: Appliances and Countertops

I went by the site earlier today, and there are appliances going in. Two of the houses have countertops. And, some cool landscaping is being installed.

Woo Woo.

This is a bath in one of the back houses. The countertop is a white flecked Dovae that looks really great in person.

Stainless JennAir kitchen appliances with a stainless steel backsplash across the back wall (the protective film is still on it, and we hope it stays on there until the end).

You can just barely make out the white flecked Silestone counters in upper left of the photo below, along with a glimpse of the big stainless steel sink in the island.

Our house will have black flecked Silestone for the kitchen counters and white for the baths. I think the white will look great with the glass tile in our master bath.

And here are a few landscaping photos. This cool concrete block wall was installed on our house this week, and they were installing plants early this afternoon:

A berm being created between our house and the one behind:

And a cool shot of the left back house with a nice palm that was just installed:

We're getting excited.


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