Saturday, January 07, 2006

Random Posts: Magazine Junkie.

Lately, I've managed to narrow it down to a few key design-related magazines.

We currently subscribe to the following :

Dwell - What modernist freak doesn't love Dwell? Let me meet them.

Elle Decor - My all time favorite. I love the editorial aesthetic.

Metropolitan Home - A close second to Elle Decor.

Architectural Digest - I love you. For sentimental reasons.

Martha Stewart Living - People worship her or despise her. I'm of the former.

D Home - A really well done local design rag.

And I'll also occasionally pick up these at the newsstand:

Real Simple- Has a bit of a feminine angle, so I don't subscribe, but I pick it up when so moved.

Ready Made - Fun ideas....mostly for the first house or apartment, but fun nonetheless.

Cargo - A guy's magazine with interesting design features.

Architectural Record - A high brow pub that always features something interesting.

Residential Architect - Pretty cool but hard to find. I should probably subscribe.

This of course does not include the food, current events, travel, and other magazines we take. I won't publish the total number. Too embarrassing.

The first time I saw Mell Lawrence's work, it was in Metropolitan Home.

Funny how ten years later I come across the same house and article on his site when researching Austin architects. A sign from the goddess of design? Maybe.


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