Sunday, February 05, 2006

Good Books: 25 Houses

These are GREAT books.

25 Houses Under 2,500 Square Feet by James Grayson Trulove is an inspiration.

The content is just as the title suggests, and is made up of entirely modern and contemporary houses.

25 Houses Under 1,500 Square Feet, also by Mr. Trulove, is his followup and my personal favorite of the two. (Like I said, I love small houses)

More than half of the houses in the book would work on your average urban lot.

Chock full of amazing ideas for small spaces and featuring simple floorplans for reference, the books are highly functional when you want to learn just how do-able a small modern house really is.

I highly recommend both of these books for anyone who is even considering building a modest modern home.


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