Thursday, June 15, 2006

Design Decisions: Water Feature

Someone needs to do a book on modern water gardens, stat.

We're hell bent on some type of modern water feature at the new house. What's surprising to me is how few resources I can find online or at Amazon for serious inspiration.

The master bedroom window faces the courtyard. We want the water feature to be visible from inside that window and completely respect the architecture of the house.

And I'm thinking of something along the lines of this. But ignore the palm. Way too Miami for Austin, Texas:

A simple concrete trough deep enough for some fish and a few cool plants, with some water movement, whether through a fountain or bubbler or whatever.

I'm desperately searching for inspiration. 99% of what's out there is nightmarish "natural" fish ponds that are rimmed in rocks and shaped into a fake mountain waterfall. Horrible.

Some inspiring photos I've found around the web:


Anonymous Viviane Vives said...

Just ask Krager to design it for you, silly!!! You are buying a house designed by him, he should be the one to design the water feature you want, it would show some respect and appreciation to him and you can probably just pay him hourly for that. He also has great craftsman there that will build it cheaply for you. Ask Cris!

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

or.... looks like a fun diy project. just go to home depot or harbor freight and get a submersible pump, some pipe, hose and concrete. make a form, lay the hose, put in reabar....

3:36 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Viv, I guess I thought they wouldn't look at a small project like this, but you were right, I definately should reach out to Chris first.


6:17 PM  

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