Monday, June 05, 2006

Cool Stuff: Lumicor Panels

A friend in Dallas built a great modern house not too long ago and had the coolest fence installed. It complements his house beautifully, let's light into the yard, isn't too private, and is just plain neat-o.

He used panels made of

Lumicor is a resin-based panel sheeting that is available in tons of finishes.

There are basic textures and rice-paper like designs, but I am most enamored with the botanicals, which are actual leaves and plant parts encased in resin. Fantastic.

The application options are extensive, including backsplashes, sliding doors, counters, furniture, sink bowls and all kinds of sundries.

Scratches can be buffed/sanded out, similar to many of the solid surface materials out there. It is half the weight of glass and comes in standardized sizes, similar to plywood.

If Russel Wright were around today, he'd be digging Lumicor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are super cool. Where did you find them?

6:36 PM  

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