Sunday, January 08, 2006

Modern Masters: Meeting Mister Wright.

Most all modern and/or design enthusiasts have heard of mid-20th century designer Russel Wright.

However, I'm continually surprised at how few people on the street remember him or know his

Best known for his American Modern line of china, which was the best-selling china of all time, Wright also designed furniture, accessories, silverware, linens, and a handful of interiors and homes.

I've been a passionate enthusiast and fairly passionate collector for several years. Through the magic of
eBay, I've built a large collection of his Iroquois Casual line in Avocado Yellow, Ice Blue...and Sugar White:

We use our Iroquois as every day dishware. It is relatively affordable, highly collectible, and almost unbreakable. It can go from oven to table to fridge and looks modern and fresh to this day.

Wright also designed a very small run of art pottery (below), produced by Bauer Pottery's Atlanta workshop. The line includes several pieces, all chunky and mostly decorative, from vases and urns to ashtrays. Highly collectible. I'm happy to say I have one piece.

I want more.

Manitoga, Wright's idiosyncratic home on the Hudson River in upstate New York, remains a wacky masterpiece of his daring and creative genius, incorporating a lot of experimental materials and design details:

His home, now a nonprofit and known as the Russel Wright Design Center, seeks to preserve his design archives, personal collections and legacy. The home is open to the public and conducts private tours.

"Because it is an honest expression of present-day living, modern design should interest all thinking Americans." - Russel Wright

I'll be posting more about Mr. Wright.


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Great post. Thanks for the info.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ATLANTA RUSSEL WRIGHT DESIGN TEAPOT. STREAMLINED AND CANARY YELLOW? Ive researched over the years and cant find anything about it and its worth.

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