Sunday, January 08, 2006

Inspiring Houses: The People's Dream House.

Remember the Life Magazine Dream Houses?

I remember digging the Dream Houses when they were revealed every year. Some were better than others, but all of them made good design accessible to the masses, which had not been that common since the mid-20th century.

The 1998
Life Dream House was designed by Hugh Newell Jacobsen.

It is a great example of how great design can stand the test of time and still look fresh not only 20 years later (when they've had time to come back into vogue), but less than 10 years later. For example, have you looked lately at the 80's and 90's post-modern work of people like Michael Graves lately? Not aging quite so well.

Have a look at this interior view:

Nice use of light and feeling of space in only 2,250 heated square feet. Have a look at the plans.

Granted, this design wouldn't fit on most urban lots. But it lends itself to a more rural setting anyway.

Seems like the last edition of the Life Dream House was in 1995. Too bad.


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