Saturday, October 06, 2007

Eye Candy: Archaic Benches

The November (November?!?!? Who stole 2007?) issue of Elle Decor magazine arrived in my mailbox today. (Elle Decor is my favorite design magazine because while they are still pretty high-brow, they like to focus on homes that people actually live in.) And when I turned to page 216, I had a minor freak out moment.

The spread is on architect Michael Gabellini's Brooklyn apartment, and while the place is stunning, one particular piece of furniture jumped up and grabbed me in a choke hold.

It seems that Mr. Gabellini partners with one Stavros Neonakis, a Greek furniture crafter, to market furniture based on ancient designs. And I am, to be perfectly clear, enthralled with the 'Archaic' benches and stools.

The maker's website is mostly in Greek and there isn't much on the web about them. I can't find anyone that retails these pieces, so I'll likely need to call the architect's office and inquire. Let's cross our fingers that they are not priced out of my league. Hope springs eternal.


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Dear Sirs,

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