Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cool Art: Heather Knight Ceramics

Up until recently, I haven't really been a big Etsy freak. I think it is the site navigation that somehow turns me off. But recently, I stumbled upon the work of Heather Knight at elementclaystudio, and I've been a bit obsessed.

Her work, in mostly unglazed porcelain, pretty much rocks my world. I love the wild, weird, organic shapes and simple (or nonexistent) palette.

I've trolled her site for a month or more now. Today, I woke up, poured some coffee, and bit. The large urchin bowl to be exact. At $65 for handmade porcelain that clearly took hours to build, it is a steal.

It was a hard decision because I am also really loving the fungi micro-sculpture. I may indulge in it yet.


Anonymous Luba said...

If you enjoy Heather's work ...check out her new solo exhibition at MudFire gallery in Atlanta. It's been posted on-line and can be viewed here:

9:38 AM  

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