Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cool Stuff: Galbraith & Paul

Galbraith and Paul are a small textile and lighting company that create really great looking hand-printed fabrics.

They'll sell you the fabric by the yard or they'll sell you the fabric stretched on a modern light fixture frame.

Their patterns are hand block printed on four different ground cloths - Shantung Silk, Cotton/Rayon Velvet, Sheer and Heavy Linen. Artisans hand print all of the fabrics to order in the studio, using fabric paints that are permanent and lightfast. Because they print to order, color substitutions and custom colors are not a problem. We like that.

This linen print is great looking:

But it is their light fixtures that really turn my crank. These drum-shaped fixtures are modern, organic and tactile:

And there aren't many sconces out there that I'd let within 50 feet of my front door, but these would be welcome:

They also do some pretty cool rugs:

Check em out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do they sell only to the trade?

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