Thursday, March 30, 2006

Project Update: Architect Site Visit II

MJ Neal and his partner in crime Viviane visited the house today.

After introducing ourselves, we launched right into it.

MJ is a little more "Zen" in his approach to a project. He talks about volumes and spaces more than cost per square foot. He talks about light more than layout. He listens hard, and seems fairly methodical in his approach to a project...but not in a bad way.

He presented what seemed like a hundred directions in one hour. And maybe what contributed to that sensation is that SO and I are feeling a little overwhelmed with the speed of this decision. But the meeting felt like a whirlwind nonetheless. Lots of ideas and information shared between the four.

We're expecting a site analysis from both of them in the next few days, and I'll post a report of how they pan out and how we react to them.

If for whatever reason we decide against this property, we will still hopefully be able to narrow our architects down to one firm. How about that?

We're on pins and needles.


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