Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fridge Glamour Galore

Barring final inspection and punch-list delays, we should be closing on the house within two weeks. Because appliance delivery lead times are often preposterously long, we decided to buy a fridge this weekend.

Since I cook like a madman, this was a pretty weighty decision for our household.

All the kitchen appliances are Jenn-Air, so we originally planned to buy the same brand, simply for some design consistency. This model was very attractive:

However, the Jenn-Air fridges we inspected don't necessarily fit our functional needs.

While the exteriors are always stylish, some of the functions were a bit clumsy. For example, one Jenn-Air "bottom freezer" model had a pull-out freezer shelf that was not on runners or casters and, when weighted with frozen stuff, would no doubt be a pain to use. And, because of the design, you would either have to get down on your knees to access frozen food or use the "pull out shelf" that resists pulling out! Absurd.

After much soul-searching, we invested in
this model, from KitchenAid:

It is also a counter-depth fridge, so it won't stick out and look awkward in the space. I like that. (Why didn't someone come up with counter-depth fridges a long time ago? Hum?) We're also pumped about the filtered water and ice so we can give our old Brita pitcher a final rest.

Here's the inside, shown in black:

I assure you it will never be that organized or empty.

Notice the fancy footed dish full of cherries towards the top. I always keep a footed glass dish of fruit handy in the fridge, as I'm sure you do.


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