Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Shopping: Sprout Home

Sprout Home is one of my favorite little online shops.

They have a modernist bent, a good eye, and the price point is approachable. What's not to like?

Arbor porcelain vase is a stunner. At only $41.75 for delicate cast porcelain, it is a steal, too. I love the pale green interior. There's also an Arbor platter that can be special ordered (or so they said via email).

These hand-pressed coasters are killer, and they are only $6.50 a set. Stock up on these, keep them in a drawer, and you have a fun hostess gift at the ready.

They have lots of gardener-friendly things as well. Take a gander at this great ceramic bird feeder for only $26.50. (Our squirrels would break it in 4.8 minutes, though)

There's stuff for kids, pets, gardens, holidays, and home. There's also a nice selection of books.

And, Sprout Home always have things on sale. Everyone likes a sale.


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