Thursday, February 16, 2006

Site Visit: Agave Development

There are a lot of modern developments under way out there. Some good. Some not so good.

I've heard a lot of buzz about
Agave, a modern development about 6 miles East of downtown on MLK, so I thought I'd check it out. My realtor also seems to think the investment would be very worthwhile.

First off, it truly is a development. There isn't much else out that way except for other (think
suburban ranchburger) developments. However, it is about a 15 minute commute and lots of Austin folks spend more time than that simply getting across the river during rush hour traffic.

And, some of the houses on the website seem very promising. I particularly like this one:

It has nice strong lines.

And I like the looks of this modern farmhouse:

And this very Zen 3 bedroom:

This one is being built right now, but there was way too much construction activity for me to think about walking through it:

But I want you to notice one thing. Look at the architect's rendering and then look beneath it at the construction photo. Do you see something missing (aside from the stiff looking little family) ?

Trees. There are no trees. There is no greenery to speak of.

The land is as bare as a baby's bottom, aside from some scrub that will likely be chopped back or driven down by construction. I mean, it truly is a development.

But, for between about $189,000 and $275,000, you can get a whole lotta modern.

I could see this as a great option for young parents or die-hard modernists who are on a limited budget.

We're not that die-hard. We want trees.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I drove by there last week. Interesting concept but also didn't like the lack of trees and wasn't crazy about the location. I wish someone would do something like this on a smaller scale in west Austin. I've seen a few multi-acre sites off of cuernavaca that could be subdivided.


7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also checked it out recently. Great concept, but location, location, location it doesn't have. If anything else was happening out there, maybe, but the cost and style of houses adjacent to this development, I think will be a henderence to the project. The price for the houses nearby (much of it new construction) seems to be $80-150 and now Agave $150-$275. As an aside, apparently the land came before the concept, and that is the problem with this - right concept, wrong place. t'd like to find out I'm wrong on this projection and will watch its progress, but I think if it was done in West Austin, it would have far greater success. Anyone know of 20 acres in West Austin? Let's do this the right way.

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The concept is a reality. 42 families have contracts to purchase at agave. What do you think you would pay for these designs on large lots with city views in Westlake? About $800,000. I think.

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

agave is a great location! Only 15 minutes to downtown. You talk about the right way; well agave is it. Cuenavaca is a nightmare. I would rather be at agave than there and I am getting alot more than I could have dreamed of and all the other buyers feel the same way.We are lucky to be on board! You are clearly missing out.Wait for someone to do this in Westlake? Good Luck!

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

City views? Please. Oh, yes, if you have a telescope, you do have a great view of the bank building. Ok, I'll stop now...

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you been out there lately? Jealous? Wow. You should drive out there one evening and stand on that hill with no trees.
No trees = plenty of breeze.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trees grow if planted. Not everything comes pre-packaged. What happened to investing in a homestead?

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clarifications...the photo is in the middle of the development. Trees surround the outer development. In fact, a forest does. If you walk through the development, most of the windows will back right up next to the trees because of the plans as long as you are not in the very center. However, a professional landscaping package from Floribunda is included in the price. Everyone there now has trees regardless of where the home is. The view of downtown Austin is VERY amazing. Go out to Agave at night if you question that. The homes have the master bedroom on top in order to utilize these views. Very clear. In fact, we went out there to watch the New Years Eve fireworks shows in the city.
Villa Muse is going in right by Agave...this was passed by the Senate to "replace Hollywood." It is an ENORMOUS development (google it--if you haven't heard, you are in a hole) that will also bring new schools, major upsacle shopping etc. Transit is going in nearby and they are already underway to build a shopping center within walking distance. is the kicker...the public has acted accordingly. Homes in Agave are just at 300,000 now due to the buzz

9:18 AM  

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