Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cool Stuff: Adrift Mobiles

Our new friends at Land+Living recently featured these cool mobiles.

Mobiles remind me of the 70's and how hot Alexander Calder was back when I was a tyke. I'm not a fan of many mobiles these days.

Except Adrift Mobiles.

They are constructed using sustainable and planet-friendly materials, they're sleek and elegant, and they provide movement to a space. I like.

We have 13 foot ceilings everywhere in the new casa. I am wondering if a mobile isn't in order.

This centric design is cool.

And I also like the vessel model.

They have a retro feel, and I like it.

So get your shag carpet on. I'm having a fondue party so we can all talk about Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Be sure to tell Barb and Ron. It wouldn't be a party without Barb's clam dip.


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