Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shopping: Online Sales!

It is summer sale time, and that's exciting when you are moving into a new home.

Our friends over at the
D Home blog in Dallas recently reported a sale at the Moma store (thanks Todd!), and I am seriously in love with this awesome spice grinder:

If you cook, please consider toasting and grinding your own spices. Fresh toasted cumin seed, ground in your own kitchen, will make you want to jump up and slap your Momma. The difference in flavor is...arresting.

wood veneer carpet is cool, although my dogs would hate me for it. They like soft.

I just received the latest
West Elm catalog and one of those annoying cards fell out onto the floor, advertising their online sale, which just started. West Elm is the retailer I want to hate but can't help but love.

For example, just look at this stunning
brushed nickel arm sconce. For 39.99. I mean really.

Ikea who? Crate and Barrel what?

Recently, our art director at work decided to completely remodel our reception area just for giggles. She did it through West Elm for about $5.47.

Look at this fab lamp for a whopping 79.99. I'd probably change the shade.

And check out this metal pharmacy cabinet for one hundred bucks.

We need something to hold folded towels, potions and lotions and other shower sundries that can literally sit inside our huge shower at the new house. I was thinking teak, but for a hundred bucks this thing might be the answer.

I'll spend the leftover $500 on more Russel Wright!


Anonymous scootscott said...

As you all may know, Scott is a Russell Wright fanatic. I am fully expecting to convert the garage to a Russell Wright museum. It will be easier to access the china for our seated dinners for 100. (we will soon have that many place settings.)

The other half.

7:59 AM  

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