Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Great Stories: The Southern Bulb Company

The Goddess that runs D Home magazine in Dallas recently posted about The Southern Bulb Company and a New York Times piece all about it.

She wasn't exaggerating when she called this great story.

25-year old Chris Wiesinger, fresh out of a college internship, started an heirloom bulb company in the tiny East Texas town of Mineola, focusing on bulbs that thrive in the hot, humid Southern climate.

Most flowering perrieniel bulbs are imported from the Netherlands and simply aren't suited to our climate here in the South...or will suffer while adjusting to it. This guy focuses on bulbs that are prepared to thrive in our part of the world.

One doesn't encounter many 25-year old guys with a passion for heirloom flowering bulbs. We don't really see this as a trend. Which makes the story that much more intriguing and inspiring.

Hopeful, even.

Read it. Then buy a few bulbs. I'll be planting spider lilies.

My grandmother (in East Texas no less) had them. I've always loved them.


Anonymous Annie said...

When i lived in Florida, I loved to drink the chrynum (spider) lily nectar. It was like honeysuckle, only a hundred times better. If you see a little drop of nectar - try it! Hummingbirds and bees are onto something :)

6:21 AM  

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