Saturday, February 18, 2006

Key Learnings: Sometimes you gotta Punt

After spending 6 months looking for building sites, developments, and existing homes that might be renovated, we came up with diddly squat.

The "Spring Explosion" has yet to explode when it comes to the Austin real estate market. And considering we move to Austin in two weeks, we decided it might be a good idea to put an actual roof over our heads.

We spent last weekend looking at rentals.

We have 3 beautiful, perfect dogs, so of course our options were limited. About 80% of the rental ads have "no pets" listed somewhere toward the end of the description. Animal hating, money grubbing slum lords!!!!

After a lot of pre-research on the internets, we decided to have a look at the KRDB rental that is currently featured on The duplexes are really cool and were included on the AIA tour back in 2000. They sit back behind an existing home, which is a good thing. There is a strong sense of privacy.

And, the owner is super cool. We came this close to renting the unit above on the left. Huge yard for a duplex. Complete privacy. Great interior spaces. However, it is about 7 miles from both of our offices, and we decided to hold off just a bit and drive closer into town to see what might be available that wasn't advertised.

We ended up in Clarksville, the eclectic and cool neighborhood just west of downtown, combing the area in a grid pattern like frustrated bird dogs. And just when we were about to give up, voila: a really cute bungalow with beautiful landscaping and a nice covered porch. For lease, no less.

Two babyyuppies were sniffing around the property when we pulled up, so I whipped out my cell and placed the call. The owner was 5 minutes away and said she'd be right there. Meanwhile, the babyyuppies got distracted and wandered off.

After a quick look at the house and a meeting of minds with the owner, a cool Austin chick who plans to eventually live in the house herself, we took a private moment to make a final and very easy decision.

When we appeared on the front porch to give her the thumbs up, there they were: the babyyuppies. I wanted to scream "Scram, ya 20-somethings! You have no place here!", but instead let them leave in a huff while we firmed up the deal. (I would've scrapped with 'em for it if the owner had suggested it, but alas she didn't go there.)

A small moment of triumph.

The beauty of this find is that we will both be less than one mile from work.

We can pop home for lunch. We can sleep later. We can avoid all kinds of traffic. We can plant stuff!

It is the little things.

We'll enjoy our cool little bungalow while it lasts and continue the quest for our permanent modern home.


Anonymous Viviane said...

That is SO funny! Especially because the same thing happened to us, we ended up renting a small cottage in Clarksville, while waited to move to the house we bought in Balcones. We are neighbors! We're five streets down from you, alas, we move out at the end of the month. I love living in Clarksville, Cipollina, Fresh Plus and/or Naus everyday!!!

So we'll finally meet in the freaking street... If I see someone walking three dogs at once, I'll know it's you!!!


3:06 PM  
Blogger Scott said...


More like "wrangling" three dogs at once.


3:44 PM  
Anonymous a. said...


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