Saturday, April 15, 2006

Get Outside: Plant Tomatoes

Homegrown tomatoes: one of the true thrills of summer. If you have a patch of sunshine they are really easy to grow.

This year I planted 4 varieties: your everyday red, a yellow cocktail-sized pear tomato, and two heirloom varieties: a purple and a black.

The red variety looks very promising. I already have some nice sized fruit:

To grow your own, all you need is sunshine, compost or potting medium, and a regular dose of water. You can grow tomatoes very successfully in pots.

When they get to a certain height and begin to bend, you'll want to use metal or bamboo cages to keep them upright, because if your diabolical plan is successful, you'll have big juicy tomatoes that will try to weigh the branches down.

Try it this year. It isn't too late to plant them, but you should get right on it.

I see bruschetta in my future.


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