Saturday, September 09, 2006

Shopping: A Little 'Off'

Our friend Joanna Satana, a colorful, creative and lovable character to say the least, recently posted a comment about this chair from Vivre. She has quite the eye.

I promise you, if I had an extra $2600 laying around in a drawer somewhere, one of these would soon be living in my house:

Every house needs something arresting or just a bit off. And I've been keeping my eyes out for some ugliness to shake up the new casa decor. The place is a little bit too pristine right now, for real.

Vivre has some distinctive stuff. I am also quite taken with this carved wood deer head, although the facial expression is a little bit too 'cute':

And I think I might have to buy this silver Manzanita tree. I need it.

Last weekend, I spotted a pair of heinously beautiful 60's ceramic lamps in a vulgar turquoise color at a resale shop. They've been on my mind a lot, and I must assume that they want to come live with us. I think I'll go have another look at them today.


Anonymous Joanna Satana said...

Isn't that f'in ostrich's face a SCREAM! AND WITH HIS LITTLE SUIT ON TOO! And the MONKEY ON THE BACK! I knew it'd talk to you!!


I've actually been in the market for some kinda hideous taxidermied piece. LOL! I was in a HOT HOT HOT bidding war with a guy at a school district auction over a mounted Gnu's head. Seriously. I NEEDED THAT GNU!!!!! But it finally got a little too least I made the Dr. bidding against me pay a ridiculously high price!! HAHAHAHAHA!

At this point tho, I'm SERIOUSLY banned from purchasing *ANYTHING AT ALL* pertaining to decor or furnishings. *pouts*

10:31 PM  

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