Sunday, September 10, 2006

Design Find: Melt

Melt is Josh and Shane, two Dallasites who saw an unfilled niche in the art marketplace...and filled it quite successfully.

Their affordable,
modern modular decorative wall pieces are printed on wood and come in one size: 15" X 15" X 1.75". They do offer custom projects in other sizes:

"Frustrated with our search for affordable, modern artwork to fill our place, we sought to take matters into our own hands. Eventually in 2005 we took our modern, clean graphic approach and combined it with our passion for interior design, thus was born melt- modern elements living together."

These little pieces are more than just printed square images. Most of them allow the grain of the wood panel to show through, giving them a handmade feel and adding a textural layer that you just can't buy at your local poster shop.

And, at only $200 each, they add a lot of quality punch to a space. This motorcycle image is cool:

As is this image of the old Alamo Plaza Motor Court in the Dallas suburb of Oak Cliff.

In that nebulous and neglected space, somewhere between the world of highbrow gallery art and poster store reproductions, lies melt.


Blogger closertothesun said...

I own transportation (3) - carlotta, and signs (3) - bessie. I absolutely love them. The natural materials and rich detailed colors bring life to my studio. They make me feel both relaxed and thoughtful, fresh and nostalgic.

It is obvious when you see them up close that much love and care goes into producing each and every piece.

My next purchase will be industrial scenes (3) - marvalene!!

- closertothesun

8:06 AM  
Anonymous Christiane said...

I love the first one you've posted--especially in conjunction with the green chair. A nice mesh of art and graphic design...

8:43 AM  

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