Sunday, September 24, 2006

Project Update: Big Ass Rug II

We've been debating rugs for a few weeks. Meanwhile, our living room is like an echo chamber. One high pitched bark from the girls can burst an eardrum.

This weekend, we finally narrowed it down.

The first thing that weighed into the decision is that we really can't afford to make any other new furniture purchases at the moment due to impending landscape project. (More on that later). We can only get a rug.

So, that leaves me a new avocado/chartreuse sofa that we love, a Barcelona table that we adore, an Eileen Gray side table that we really like, and two inexpensive Crate and Barrel upholstered chairs that we kinda like okay, but hardly love. And with the impending project, the chairs are staying for a spell.

Since we really shouldn't spend much money and the chairs are part of the decor, it made sense to buy a less expensive rug that somehow magically makes the buff/lichen color of the chairs work with the groovy mini-striped green sofa.

That narrows the field down quite a lot.

We also really wanted some pattern in the room, although nothing too busy.

We really liked
this rug from Angela Adams there for a while. However, it is not inexpensive and is probably too trendy in the end.

The cut-pile texture in the dots and circles is cool, though.

this one from Room and Board was a favorite, but the pile is low, and very even, and pretty much lacking in texture.

Otherwise we would've bought it.

But I'm into the idea of a rug with a little texture for this room.

Finally, after much deliberation, we ordered this one, from CB2.

Wide chocolate, avocado, gray, blue and beige stripes with varied pile heights. That should provide some textural interest. And the colors will tie our chairs and sofa into a visual whole, I hope.

The other photos of the rug on the CB2 site are better, but the site wouldn't let me save them to post.

I think we'll be happy with this one. If not, we'll send her back and continue the quest.


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