Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fickle, Fickle.

See that post just underneath this one about buying a rug?

Uh huh, that one.

Literally the day after I ordered it, I received a packet from Crate & Barrel welcoming me to the new house. It included a current catalog and a 10% off coupon for any purchase in the store.

I thought I'd seen everything from Crate & Barrel in detail, but the catalog revealed a pretty cool rug that was in our color palette, just within our budget, and much more appealing than the one we'd just ordered.

(Trust me, you have to see our color palette to understand how restrictive it is in our price range, so we literally scoured the planet.)

I liked the rug and went with my gut. I picked up the phone and cancelled the order from CB2.

And then we went to Crate & Barrel this weekend and ordered it.

I am MUCH more happy with this rug than the one we had ordered. The pile is very subtly cut between color fields and the quality seems to be nicer overall. It will look great in our living area, and we'll have it installed come Friday night.

We also took this simple media unit for our master bedroom.

We needed something uber simple and this was a decent price and unassuming. Also, we got the bonus 10% off. Good enough.

And, a labratory-style glass measuring cup set, just because they were on sale and rather cool.

Crate & Barrel is mucho happy because we spent much more money than planned...all because of that 10% off coupon. And as customers, we're happy too.

Marketing works.


Anonymous Gradon said...

Whether you spent it at Crate & Barrel or CB2, C&B Corporate is happy right? And that's what counts.

Also, that's a great looking rug. I can feel your pain on finding the perfect rug: We have bright blue sofas and light wood colored bookcase/TV stand, so choices aren't easy or plentiful.

2:58 PM  

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